Debt Recovery Services

Debt Tracing

Individuals who have moved address and are trying to avoid civil summons and letters. Successful Debt recovery depends on being able to locate the debtor. If the debtor has absconded, the chances of recovery are very much reduced. If a debtor has moved from his/her last known address, the address is unknown or the debtor is avoiding service by registered post, a professional tracing agent can verify the whereabouts and current address of the debtor. A trace may be requested with minimal information, but positive results are more likely where clients can provide further information; such as the debtor’s occupation and date of birth.

Summons Serving

We Service civil summons on individuals as requested, from family law, to debt recovery or any type of summons. Domestic and International Subpoenas, Federal Summonses, Court Orders, Section 214 Notices, Winding Up Petitions, Divorce petitions, Citations.

Debt Collection

Outsourced pre-legal debt recovery solutions via a combination of in-house and external collection teams overdue payments are a reality of every business, regardless of size or turnover. To ensure the debt recovery process remains manageable, it important to be aware of the debt collection. Once an account is seriously in arrears, there are several options available to your business. Whether you opt for trying to resolve the debt internally get help for collecting outstanding amounts establishing acceptable methods of interacting with your debtors is very important. Act as contact centre for collecting payments Provide payment reminder service Ar Cairde Debt Recovery Debt Recovery are here to help.

Credit Reports

Credit checks on company’s accounts, Strike off notices, Director changes, Address changes and any other circumstances related to company activity.

Legal Advice

We have a team of solicitors that can help you with any legal matters; Civil summons can also be drawn up and served to the client. All legal documents drafted and attendance to any court proceedings on your behalf.


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