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Private Investigation

Ar Cairde Debt Recovery private investigators are amongst the most experienced in the country. We specialise in insurance claim investigations, company theft and industrial fraud. We are widely experienced in all aspects of counterfeit product detection.

We have an exceptionally high success rate in tracing debtors and missing persons. We also specialise in counter-surveillance – we can provide and detect phone tapping, phone bugs and vehicle tracking units.

Our many years of experience give us the edge over our competitors in matrimonial and family law investigations. We can provide detailed personal background checks to individuals and employers.

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Fraudulent Claims

  • Background Checks

  • Video & Audio

  • Tracking & Monitoring of Individuals

  • Cheating Partners, Husbands & Wives

  • Asset Searches

  • Judgement Mortgages

  • Vehicle Tracing

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Tracing Debtors

Tracing Debtors is a vital service which many private investigators boast but few are effective at. We understand that in many cases timing is crucial as the debts you wish to recover may be irretrievable if the debtor is not traced in time. We offer a 24 hour service which will provide you with a swift and effective response.

Insurance Investigations

Ar Cairde Debt Recovery has been Investigating Insurance fraud and exaggerated accident claims for a number of established Insurance companies for years. We have been providing comprehensive surveillance and inquiry reports in the defence of litigation cases and have provided video and photographic evidence to support our reports. We have also obtained critical evidence in cases that have contradicted a plaintiff’s allegations about their work and domestic circumstances and have assisted Claim handlers and legal teams reduce and disprove fraudulent and exaggerated accident claims.

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It is often the ‘not knowing’ that is the worst aspect of a potentially unfaithful relationship. Our matrimonial investigations can remove the doubts and either set your mind at ease or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem. Making the decision to hire a private investigator to investigate your cheating partner or cheating spouse is a very difficult decision. We will undertake to systematically provide a covert surveillance operation on the relevant partner or spouse using highly qualified experienced agents and technological equipment so you can be sure that your partner or spouse will not know of our involvement.

Background Reports

A company’s most valuable asset is its people. Securing the right people, from employees to contractors to vendors, is a lot easier with the accurate and empowering answers, including everything from in-depth criminal background checks and drug/alcohol screening to employment verification and time-saving post-hire solutions.

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Commercial Investigation

The variety of problems affecting a business can range from Unauthorised Employee Absenteeism, through Theft to Industrial Espionage with just about everything in between.

Ar Cairde Debt Recovery Investigation and Surveillance cover all forms of Private, Corporate and Commercial Investigations operating to the highest standards. Our professionally trained and experienced operatives each have their own particular specialist fields ensuring that we can meet your requirements whatever the nature of your investigation. Phone, email, texting and pc monitoring included.


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